Cocktail Piña Colada


The oldest reference Pina Colada cocktail published was in 1950 , by the famous American newspaper New York Times.
– One of the reasons that became popular this cocktail is for the song ” Escape ” by Rupert Holmes , better known as The Pina Colada song .
– In 1978 the Pina Colada was already the official drink of Puerto Rico.

How to prepare the cocktail Pina Colada ?
Pina Colada cocktail ingredients
45ml white rum or you can change for Malibu
35ml coconut cream .
Juice or pineapple juice.
Pineapple and cherry slice .

Preparation Pina Colada cocktail
Pour ice, white rum , coconut cream and fill with pineapple juice.
Stir the mixture well and strain into a glass.
Garnish with pineapple slice